Crystal Ball signs up four new customers


Adactus Housing Group, Willow Park Housing Trust and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport added to company’s customer list

GPS tracking service provider Crystal Ball has agreed deals with Adactus Housing Group, Willow Park Housing Trust and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, as companies look to manage fuel costs and protect themselves from stringent legislations.

The deal involves supplying 220 vehicle-tracking systems to monitor every aspect of travel.

Managing director Raj Singh said businesses are increasingly looking at ways to reduce travel and fuel costs and are seeking more transparency on how and where their vehicles are being used, as well as the ability to monitor overtime claims to save money.

Singh said: “We are clearly seeing businesses increasingly wanting to get a handle on what their vehicles are being used for.

“A lot of vehicles driven by employees are taken home each night. Fuel cards are easily fiddled, so the employer doesn’t know whether it’s being used for personal needs, but will still foot the bill.

“With our system, they can know exactly how many miles the driver is doing and on which routes they’ve been.”

Crystal Ball has also signed up the Association of Civil Enforcement Agencies (ACEA) to install 22 vehicles with tracking as well as its lone worker protection to help with safety of its bailiffs. The ACEA said the service can “revolutionise” its industry.

The ACEA has also taken the Crystal Ball mobile monitor application, which records all incoming and outgoing calls and texts in real-time, and can be viewed through the Crystal Ball secure call-log website.

The service alerts businesses if the driver uses a mobile phone without a hands-free kit. It also logs incoming and outgoing texts.

Singh added: “No operator is offering this level of detail to its customers. Our information is more detailed and in real-time, so there is no need to wait until the end of the month to check whether a call is made or not. Itemised bills don’t show who called.

“A call can be checked instantly. And if they say no-one came to their door, that can be checked, too, through vehicle tracking.”