O2 Ireland and Eircom in network share


Companies enter into agreement which they said would drive the introduction of faster broadband speeds

O2 Ireland and telecoms provider Eircom have entered into a network sharing agreement.

The companies said the partnership will facilitate the introduction of new technologies to provide wider and faster broadband speeds. It added greater cooperation will be experienced in areas such as site equipment, power supply, technology and transmission sharing. Where possible, existing sites of both operators will be consolidated and new sites jointly built.

Staff from both companies will manage the daily build and operation of the networks.

Assets won’t be transferred and spectrum will not be shared. All mobile operations supported by O2 (O2 and Tesco Mobile) and Eircom (Meteor and eMobile) will compete with each other.

O2 Ireland CEO Stephen Shurrock said: “This will enable us to deliver new and enhanced services, including faster broadband speeds, and do it in a much more efficient way.”


  1. How does this affect the pan-European network sharing deal Telefonica O2 have with Vodafone? This deal was said to include Ireland.