Everything Everywhere launches dual branded stores


First of possible five stores announced in February opens in Bexleyheath today and will be followed by a second in Bracknell tomorrow

Everything Everywhere has today (April 20) opened its first dual branded Orange and T-Mobile store in Bexleyheath, South London where products and services from both companies will be available.

A second store in Bracknell, Berkshire will open tomorrow.

Mobile News first reported the store openings in February.

Orange and T-Mobile both had stores in both areas and the new shops have been set up in former T-Mobile sites where both brands will occupy 50 per cent each of the shopfloor.

Shop frontage will be branded with both the Orange and T-Mobile logos.

Staff in the new stores have all been fully trained across both T-Mobile and Orange products and services.

Everything Everywhere vice president of brands and communications Steven Day told Mobile News in February, in an exclusive interview, the company would launch as many as five “split down the middle” Orange and T-Mobile branded stores.

Speaking at the time he said: “Retail stores are a big part of the jigsaw and we have done several different formats.

“We have the Everything Everywhere stores, which are just opening, we have the concession stores for either brand and we will have 50/50 stores, which will be split down the middle.”

The 50/50 format stores are the latest addition to the five Everything Everywhere and six concession stores launched in previous months.

Everything Everywhere claims the trials of each store variant will determine its brand strategy when a decision is due in October.