Strong iPad 2 sales reported


Stockists of new Apple tablet say uptake has been strong proving it is a significant area of growth for both retailers and operators 

Operators and retailers have reported a strong uptake of the iPad 2 since it launched in the UK on March 25. Phones 4U said it sold out of the devices before the end of the launch weekend.

Speaking to Mobile News, Phones 4U trading director Scott Hooton said: “We knew Apple’s new tablet device was going to fly off the shelves.

“The launch weekend more than met our expectations, with stock running out very quickly.”

Hooton said new stock was ordered and the device was available again from April 11.

Meanwhile Three director of mobile broadband David Kerrigan told Mobile News the strong demand and uptake of the iPad 2 from its retail outlets proved the tablet market was a “significant area of growth” for the operator.

“As more people see the way tablets such as the iPad 2 can change the way they work, communicate, surf and all the other things, we expect this (market) to grow even more.”

A Vodafone spokesperson said demand for the iPad 2 was “strong” with contract, SIM-only and prepay deals equally popular.

The spokesperson said systems were in place to ensure that if stock ran out, customers could order the device on a ‘first come, first served’ basis at any time.

The Carphone Warehouse and Everything Everywhere, while unable to give detailed statements, said uptake and demand for the device was strong.



  1. Vodafone are having serious supply problems. Waited four weeks and no firm delivery date… Ask them what their backlog is and why the world's biggest MNO can't get Apple to supply them. Apple obviously has some manufacturing problems, possibly quake related but some places in the UK have ipad2s.

    • It is more likely down to stock control by Apple to ensure demand remains high. Everyone wants what they can't have!