O2 to stock Xperia Play next month


Device, including exclusive white version will be available at the start of June following extensive testing to get rid of bugs

O2 has confirmed the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will launch on its network in early June following extensive testing on the handset by the operator.

Speaking on the O2 Blog the operators head of testing Stuart Hibberd said the bugs that O2 had encountered and which ultimately lead to the delay of the device rollout, had been fixed or would be “fixed shortly”.

Hibberd said: “I’m happy to say that the end is now in sight and we’re planning to put the Xperia PLAY on sale at the start of June.

“We’ll be working closely with Sony Ericsson throughout May and if everything goes to plan we’ll be happy to approve the Play and put it on sale, both the black version and our exclusive white version.”

Hibberd also said pricing details for the device would be available shortly and consumers could register for more information on the O2 website.


  1. if there deals are the same as orange or any of the others im not wateing a month to get this ill just leave o2