Geko owners didn’t deliver finances: Mainline


Mainline MD Andrew Boden says liquidated dealer failed to deliver its side of financial agreements which ultimately led to its demise. He also offers helping hand to Geko staff

Everything Everywhere distributor Mainline has moved to clear the air over the closure of Orange dealer Geko, saying the latter’s owners failed to deliver pre agreed, additional funds.

Geko went into liquidation yesterday after being unable to pay its staff for the entirety of last month. Its managing director Dave Carter said 85 employees lost their jobs.

Some Geko employees told Mobile News the reason they had not been paid was due to non payments by Mainline.

But Mainline managing director Andrew Boden has told Mobile News his company had been waiting for over six months for Geko’s owners to deliver their side of the financial agreement and had been in discussions with the dealer as recently as this week regarding the issue.

Boden (pictured) also said Mainline was prepared to help out Geko employees by forwarding on their credentials to its other dealer partners that may be on the look out for staff.

“Mainline has made significant six-figure levels of support available to the business over the past two years. Part of that commercial arrangement was that additional funds for Geko would be raised by the owner, but this investment has not been forthcoming,” Boden said.

He said Mainline has also set up a freephone customer service line to assist Geko’s customers with any account management requirements including pending upgrades, cash back, claims and technical queries.

Boden said Geko staff on the look out for new employment should send their CV’s to