Huawei to upgrade Everything Everything network


Deal will see Chinese vendor upgrade Everything Everywhere’s 2G network over the next four years

Chinese vendor Huawei and Everything Everywhere have signed a contract for the former to upgrade the operators 2G network, increasing capacity and coverage for Orange and T-Mobile subscribers.

The upgrade which will take four years will improve indoor phone reception, provide HD voice calls in line with the networks current 3G network and also prepare the operators infrastructure for the evolution to LTE technology in the coming years.

Everything Everywhere vice president of network services Emin Gurdenli said: “Huawei’s cutting-edge technology and professional, dedicated team with unrivalled global radio access network experience will enable us to rapidly achieve our objective of building one of the biggest and best mobile networks in the UK and providing our customers with the best possible network experience.”

Huawei UK chief executive Victor Zhang said: “ We are committed to becoming a serious network supplier for mobile operators in the UK and are pleased to collaborate with Everything Everywhere, offering an effective solution with future-proofed technology that will improve voice quality and network coverage for its customers across the UK.”