Excalibur sells tracking business to focus on mobile


Excalibur Communications has sold its tracking business to focus on core connection sales and hints further acquisitions are close

Excalibur Communications has sold its tracking business as part of its strategy to focus entirely on its mobile business

The Basildon-based dealer, and Vodafone platinum partner, has sold its ‘business vehicle tracking’ for an undisclosed fee to former Excalibur director and shareholder Antony Rantell who had been running this part of the business for the past six-months.

Excalibur managing director James Phipps said the deal was originally expected to conclude last year, but was delayed by around seven months due to contractual agrreements with suppliers. Rantell left Excalibur in September. All customers have now been informed.

It follows the recent sale of Excalibur’s online distribution business Foneshop in October, which had a typical turnover of around £1 million. Phipps said Excalibur is only focussing on“core” mobile business.

The company, understood to have a base of around 32,000 connections, has also recruited 10 new sales and support staff as a result of the sale. It has also recently recruited a new fincnace director who begins this month. Phipps said Excalibur is to be more “aggressive” in connecting new accounts.

Phipps said: “The vehicle tracking business was a successful bussiness but it wasnt core to our strategy. We want to focus all our efforts and resource in to mobile and thats why we are recruiting so heavily.