Yes Telecom style forums return with Work Mobile


Former Yes Telecom chief Keith Curran will be holding his first “Yes Telecom” style dealer forums next month to promote his new venture Work Mobile

Former Yes Telecom CEO Keith Curran is holding his first business partner event next month to educate dealers of the benefits of Work Mobile, a service designed to help mobilise “any” businesses.

Curran returned to the industry in February to partner with software and service developer eSay to launch the service which allows busnesses to create and send company forms using their mobile device.

Customers are only charged for forms which are sent and re-seller will receive a 40 per cent share of everything the customer spends.

Curran, who describes Work Mobile as a “revolutionery” new tariff to increase revenues and save money, says “thousands” of businesses have now signed up.

Around 50 partners will be invited to attend the first forum, held in Telford on June 16, to discuss the product.

He says forums will reflect those previosly held at Yes Telecom, and will be a two-way discussion and providing demonstrations.

Curran said: “This is not a lecture, or a conference. It’s just as much their forum as it is ours and we want them to play an active role and have the chance to influence how we do business. They know better than anyone what the end user is looking for.

“The industry has spent 27 years selling voice and the last several selling data. We have created an entirely new tariff where you sell forms. They can make money in their sleep.”