Huawei awarded injunction against ZTE


Huawei draws first blood in infringement battle against ZTE, however the latter remains adamant the decision is not final

Huawei has been awarded an injunction against its compatriot and rival ZTE following claims it made regarding patent and trademark infringement involving  its data card and LTE technologies.

The injunction, issued in Germany comes after Huawei filed lawsuits in that country, France and Hungary, in which it said  ZTE illegally used its registered trademark on some of its data card products.

Huawei said the lawsuits were filed after ZTE failed to respond to ‘cease and desist’ letters Huawei sent, calling for its rival to stop carrying out the alleged infringement acts. ZTE has denied this accusation

Huawei  has welcomed the injunction.

A Huawei spokesperson said: “Huawei has received the injunction as part of our legal claim that ZTE is infringing on our trademark. We welcome the decision, which will protect our innovation and intellectual property.”

But  ZTE, which has vowed to take “vigorous legal action” against Huawei’s claims since they were first filed, says the injunction is not a final ruling.

“This action is only a temporary relief measure, and ultimately the judgement whether an infringement has occurred is still pending a final court decision,” a spokesperson fro ZTE said.

“Should the court find ZTE ‘not guilty’, Huawei will have to bear all the losses thus incurred. ZTE has not yet received any formal notice of litigation from Huawei.”