Mobile data use up by 68 per cent: Three


Operator says its research shows UK mobile internet usage has risen by 68 per cent over the last three months – the equivalent of 7.2 million song downloads each week

New research compiled by Three shows the amount of 3G data consumed in the UK has grown by 68 per cent over the last three months.

The operator said the increase was the equivalent to 106 million webpages being opened or 7.2 million MP3 music tracks being downloaded each week.

The research also revealed the increase in mobile data use was not coming from mobile phones alone. Internet use on laptops and tablets is up by 16 per cent over the last three months.

Three says over 50 per cent of mobile data traffic passes through its network which was recently upgraded at a cost of over £400 million over the last two years.

Speaking about the increase in data traffic Three sales and marketing director Marc Allera (pictured) said he expected data use to increase even more.

“Smartphones are really taking off across the UK as more and more people realise the power these devices have to connect them to their friends and family, browse the internet, download the latest music, videos or apps, or just email and keep up to date with news and events,” Allera said.

“Over the course of this year we expect more than 90 per cent of customers in the country to choose a smartphone when they get a new contract or upgrade.”


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