Nomi Mobile goes into administration


Company goes bust; Waterloo office shuts as receiver is brought in to deal with the matter

Ethnic market MVNO Nomi Mobile has gone into administration, Mobile News understands.

The company’s office in Waterloo as been shut with a notice pinned on the front door informing customers of the situation. A receiver has been brought in to oversee the matter.

Nomi Mobile launched in the UK in late 2007 with a wholesale deal with BT Mobile, itself running off the Vodafone UK network.

Last October ethnic market MVNO Lycamobile announced a broad-ranging aggregator deal with O2 UK to allow new MVNOs to launch within five weeks, starting with Nomi Mobile, which had been poached from Vodafone.

Nomi Mobile and Lycamobile have so far been unavailable for comment.



  1. I am totally disgusted by the treatment received from Nomi mobile. At the beginning of May, 2011, I purchased a £5 voucher from my local newsagent and tried to pout this xredit on. No success. I used my registered Halifax debit card the same eevening and put on another £5.00 on the Internet. Sure enough yje money was taken from my Halifax account and showedas credit on the Momi web page for my number. But still I was not able to make a call although there was 71 pence left anyway. Despite 3 e-mails and 2 letters to Nomi, no acknowledgement has been received, yet alone how they were going to deal with the problem. I have £10.71 still outstanding owing to me and the administrators have not taken any steps to even at least pacify the situation. Over 20 calls have been made to the carious Nomi contact numbers without a c onnection being made. The [payzone outlet that I used are just as unhelpful in nit refunding my initial £5.00, and I hold Payzone responsible for returning this £5.00 as they are acting as agents for Nomi.

  2. Successfully transferred Nomi Phone Number to a new network, number up and running again.

    For anyone else needing PAC, you must phone 325 from your nomi phone for Customer Care. I believe this is for a limited time.

  3. I returned to the UK on 18th May but was unable to use my phone and, not having access to the internet, did not know of Nomi’s demise until 24th May. All Nomi’s numbers – 0845.., 325 and the 0207/0208… London office numbers I had been given because of the ongoing problems with them, were unobtainable. Finally at the end of May I again tried 325 and got Nomi’s call centre which is now being used by a third party┬┐? They said I could transfer my Nomi number to Lycamobile. All I had to do was use the new SIM card that they would send. This is not true. Lycamobile have given me a new number and I can’t get my old Nomi number using their SIM card.

    In any case, didn’t Lycamobile strike a deal with Nomi to transfer from Vodafone to 02, and shortly after that, they’re bust. This stinks a bit. I am loathe to put any credit onto the new SIM in view of what’s happened with Nomi and the credit that I’ve lost, and because LM have not been honest (about transferring my number), even before I’ve started using them.

    Perhaps it’s better to stick with one of the big name established mobile phone companies.

  4. Too bad! at least Nomi should have informed their customers about the Company's Insolvency, it is hard time for many business and Nomi Mobile is not exception. I think your numerous customers deserve a text of apology for this disgrace attitude of the Nomi-Mobile management.

  5. This company has been nothing but a problem for me over the last year. They've disconnected my phone a few times, and not even bothered to apologise after I've had to contact them to fix it. Wish I'd changed providers last year. I'm not surprised they've gone into administration – their customer service was pathetic! Does anyone know how to get the pac code or whatever it is off them so I can transfer my number to a new network? That would make things a bit easier than trying to inform everyone of my new number.

    • Hi Karly, i got through to customer service eventually dialing 325 from my nomi sim and got my Pac get yours asap,ok

  6. nomi are upsetting alot of people. dont forget its us people that fill your pockets with profits. if the conpany does come back then there will be no 1 thats going to use them. grow a back bone and deal with the problems of your customers.

  7. It’s unfortunate that after topping up 30 pounds, all I hear each time I try dialing out is “this number is not authorised to this network” Nomi Mobile is a big disappointment.

  8. There service has been absolutely and not surprised by the news. This morning I tried submitting a complaint through their contact form but that failed, then tried there customer service number but no answer. After many years its officially time to move to a more robust reliable supplier.