Vodafone relegates five of its platinum partners


Three partners upgraded from gold following performance review as operator promises bar will be higher in the future

Vodafone Partner Services (VPS) has reduced its platinum partners to 22 after a six-month review saw 21c Telecom, Grapevine, Totel Solutions, Fenchurch Communications and Cellular Carphone downgraded to its gold tier.

Vodafone also confirmed Corporate Telecom Group, Quore and The Communications Centre have now moved up from gold to platinum as a result of their performances over six months.

Vodafone launched its new platinum, gold and silver tiering system in September as part of a restructure that saw Yes Telecom and Vodafone Direct merge to form VPS.

The review is understood to have measured performances over a number of KPIs, including sales, cross-selling, churn and maintaining monthly billing of between £180,000 and £200,000. It said the bar would now be raised even higher.

It has been suggested Vodafone will introduce new measures such as contacting dealer customers to discuss the service they are receiving, which will be included in their KPIs.

Vodafone head of partner services Dale Parkinson said: “We have reviewed all partners in our Vodafone Partner Programme and as a result there have been some changes in both directions.

The reviews were based on metrics announced at the launch in September and this is the first partner review.

“We will be raising the bar in all our tiers, measuring partners on both their business performance and the capability of their organisations. Some of these partners will have the opportunity to rise to the next level.”