Nokia handsets top O2 Eco ranking


Nokia takes top spots for sustainable living, environmental impact and ethical record


Nokia has taken the two top spots in O2’s Eco ranking of sustainable handsets. The firm’s C6-01 andE7-00 both scored 4.1 out of 5 for a combination of their environmental impact, their contribution to sustainable living, and the ethical record of the manufacturer.


Samsung’s Galaxy Mini and Galaxy Ace, Sony Ericcsson’s X8 and Nokia’s C7-02, shared second place in the rankings with a score of 4 out of 5. The rankings cover 90% of the handsets O2 sells, and this year included Blackberrys made by Research In Motion for the first time.


The rankings are based on data provided by handset manufacturers, such as the the materials used in producing a handset, the features that reduce the need for other devices such as music players, and labour conditions in the supply chain.


The iPhone is one of the few handsets not included in the rankings. Apple has been heavily criticised over the environmental impact of the iPhone, and for working conditions at factories in China run by Foxconn where the iPhone and other Apple devices such as the iPad are assembled.


“We know more and more customers want this level of product transparency and we’re very grateful to the handset manufacturers for their engagement with Eco rating,” said O2 head of devices Simon Lee-Smith.



  1. Sustainability being a buzz word these days is a major concern be it any product….it is good to know that Nokia and other major giants of mobile phone industry are active part in it…also there is a probability where people can go for recycling of their phone!!!

  2. Most of the companies are switching over to the more eco-friendly methods of manufacturing and using their products. Nokia is another example for the same. This is not the first time that Nokia has taken a step forward towards eco-friendly mobile handsets.