Tru launches iPad bundle


MVNO says the bundle is up to 99.7 per cent cheaper than roaming rates offered by major operators

MVNO Tru has added an international iPad data bundle to its offering which it claims will “dramatically” cut consumers roaming tariffs.

Tru which, through its GSM service allows its customers to be charged local rates instead of roaming rates when abroad, will offer the bundle to its UK business customers travelling to the US and Australia where it has agreements with local operators.

It says the bundle which costs £20 per month on a 12 month contract and provides users with 1GB of data will provide customers travelling to the US or Australia with a minimum saving of 95 per cent when using their iPad abroad.

In some cases this rises to as much as 99.7 per cent saving compared to some operators current roaming prices.

The bundle can also be used in a further 220 countries where its full service cannot be accessed.

Tru will launch full services in Spain, Hong Kong and the Netherlands later this year and says it expects to announce a further 20 more countries next year.

Tru chief executive Geraldine Wilson (pictured) said:“If you have an iPad and travel, this product is an absolute must have. There are no comparable rates or data allowances anywhere in the market place.”


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