Virgin in six month web offer for customers


Customers with company’s ‘Addict’ SIM can buy a voucher for £25 entitling them to free mobile web for six months

Virgin Media is offering its prepay customers that own its ‘Addict’ SIM six months inclusive mobile web access in the UK when they purchase a voucher for £25.

Customers will have access to 1GB of inclusive mobile web access a month. The promotion began on May 27 and ends on January 3, 2012.

Once purchased the voucher can be activated whenever the customer requires the free web access. Customers can check their usage by either texting, calling Virgin Media free on 789 or visiting the company’s website from their handset.

Should customers exceed the 1GB monthly allowance, usage above this automatically defaults onto the standard rate for daily mobile web (309p for 25MB or £2 per MB for usage above this) until the deal refreshes for the following month.

When the the six month period ends, customers will either be able to gain 1GB of mobile web access included with a £15 Addict top up, purchasing a 1GB mobile web pass for £5 a month or default to the daily rate.

The prepay web voucher can be purchased alongside the prepay Addict SIM from the Virgin Media website and stores.

Virgin Media director of mobile Jamie Heywood said: “This new offer is a fantastically affordable way to take advantage of the mobile web for prepay customers. With consumers looking for ways to get the best value possible, this new offer is perfect for the cost-conscious social networker.”