Orange launches first combined iPad 2 and iPhone plan


Customers can now take out one plan for their iPad 2 3G and iPhone 4; new BlackBerry plans also unveiled by operator

Orange has launched the first all inclusive plan for customers looking to take out an Apple iPad 2 3G and iPhone 4 on one price plan.

It costs £65 a month on a 24-month plan and comes with a 2GB data allowance and unlimited BT Openzone Wi-Fi, which can be shared across both devices, as well as 600 minutes and unlimited texts for iPhone use.

There is however an upfront charge for all available plans. The cheapest would see those putting their 16GB iPad 2 3G and iPhone 4 paying £99. The most expensive would see customers combining their 64GB iPad 2 3G and 32GB iPhone 4 paying £299.

Orange has also launched two new BlackBerry price plans. ‘Orange 10’ costs £10 a month and customers will receive a BlackBerry 8520 with 50 minutes and 50 texts.

‘Orange 15’ is a SIM only package and offers 100 minutes, 500 texts and 100MB of data for £15 a month. The plan can be used with a range of BlackBerry handsets available to purchase separately including the 9300, 9105, 9780 and 9800.



  1. The thought is quite nice but i am just wondering that it will only be suited for high pockets clientlie…..£65 for 2 yrs???expensive..isnt it???
    but the other 2 plans seems really nice to hear…it will suit the small pockets as well….

  2. The combination in the deal is awesome especially for the Apple lovers but it is bit expensive. Spending £65 a month for 2 years on mobile phones is expensive.