T-Mobile introduces new prepay plans


T-Mobile tailors new plans to different types of prepay user 

T-Mobile is introducing three new prepay plans offering customers who top up at least £10 a month a choice of extra texts, voice minutes or international calls.

All three plans offer customers the bulk of free bonuses the month following the month in which they top up.

The text plan offers unlimited texts the following month plus 100 texts immediately. The talk plan offers 100 free minutes plus 25 minutes that month, and the international plan offers 60 free minutes to call overseas the following month and “always-low” call prices to 60 countries at all times.

T-Mobile is also offering a choice of addional boosters to add texts, call minutes or internet use to their plan, including internet access for 6 months for £20.

T-Mobile UK propositions and planning director Patrick Coxen said: “We know that our customers want simple, straightforward value for money, and with these plans they’ve got it.

“By making the free minutes or texts available for just a £10 monthly top up, more of our customers can benefit from these market-beating plans.”



  1. well….i have always like Tmobile as the best network……i think its good that they are introducing the new plans….that is also going to explore their markets as wel…