O2 secures exclusive UK rights to form-filling app


Deal with TrueContext designed to add value for O2 business smartphone users

O2 has agreed a six month exclusive deal to offer a form-filling mobile app for smartphones to UK businesses.

The ProntoForms application, developed at a cost of £13 million by TrueContext Corporation, allows firms to create forms such as timesheets, site reports and work schedules and get their staff to complete them on devices such as BlackBerrys, the iPhone, and Android and Windows Mobile-based handsets.

Forms can be filled in offline, and handsets will send the information when they regain signal.

The app also allows users to add photographs, signatures, voice notes and bar code readings, and incorporates a security feature allowing firms to wipe all sensitive data from a handset once the information is transferred to a secure server.

ProntoForms can location and time-stamp forms to record when and where they are filled out, and the forms can be pre-filled with customer information job details and other information.

O2 said the deal with TrueContext was part of its attempts to add additional value to the investment firms are making in smartphones.

“It is our aim to deliver a solution that will save businesses time and money and can be deployed securely and quickly without disrupting a company’s IT infrastructure,” said O2 head of corporate Billy D’arcy (pictured).

“The simplicity of the ProntoForms application and the additional security that is built in were just two of the reasons we wanted to support it in the UK.”