Orange accused of neglect over £11k data charges


Business customer accuses operator of failing to properly inform customers of data roaming charges

Orange has been accused of deliberately failing to inform its customers of the danger of data roaming charges and of neglecting client relationships in favour of large bill payments.

The claims come from one of its business customers – Sovereign Rotating Machines – after its managing director Richard Welland was billed over £11,000 in data charges for 2500MB during a business trip to China.

The charges are a result of Welland’s iPhone automatically updating itself every half-hour for nine days straight.

Welland said his company pays more than £2,000 a month to Orange, and is upset the operator made no effort to tell him of the spiralling costs, and only discovered the fee when the money left his account.

He also said the attitude towards any correspondence he has made to Orange regarding the issue has been poor, claiming Orange had not attempted to keep his business when he threatened to leave the operator.

Portsmouth-based Easy Group, which connected the customer, said Orange’s actions had been disappointing and seemed resigned to losing the customer in December when its contract expires.

An Orange spokesperson said: “We have a number of initiatives in place to help customers control their costs.

“We advise customers to always call customer services or check our website before travelling abroad, to find out about the charges and services available – iPhone users, especially.

“We are following up with the indirect dealer (Easy Group) who sold Richard Welland his bundle to find out what exactly he was advised regarding his needs. Naturally we review all complaints on a case-by-case basis, and are working with both to come to a fair resolution.”


  1. Orange are famous for charging customers ridiculous amounts and for a customer service that doesn’t care/lies constantly/promises things that never materialise. Their Bristol address is currently swamped I had to complain and sent a letter over a month ago, I had to chase it up via their twitter account (they charge for any other access to them, surely it’s also illegal to charge to make a complaint against a company?) they told me there was a queue so I persisted, they then told me a letter had been sent about two weeks ago… I’ve yet to receive it. Anyway if you want to get results make loud complaints in their twitter timeline: @OrangeHelpers they will want you to DM them so it doesn’t get seen by everyone else. If they don’t resolve it via DM then keep posting their bad service reviews on their timeline, they don’t like everyone seeing that they are doing the same thing to ALL their users: check the timeline if you don’t believe me.

  2. I've just received a bill from Orange for £960. My average monthly bill is about £42. My previous contract allowed unlimited internet usage. My current contract allows 500mb. Well apparently I've used about 850 last month, and this has sent my bill up by over £900. The point is, regardless of whether this is the charge. How is this amount of money a fair charge? I could walk into a cafe and order ham,egg and chips without checking the menu and they could charge me £800. But who would expect ham, egg and chips to cost £800. The price doesn't represent what you are getting back. The long and short of it is, that I don't have this amount of expendable income in a year, let alone a month. So I can't pay it even if I wanted to. They can send bailiffs round if they like and take my tiny tv and playstation 2 which will probably fetch about £8 at auction if they like

  3. I have just received a bill for £3000 and only knew on my return from holiday-checked my account and they had taken it out! the data had been used before we went away and apparently my daughter had gone over her allowance by 900mb-they did not call and say do you realise you have gone over your limit and its already cost you x amount of pounds, they didnt send a message and they have said its tough-any advice would be gratefully received!

  4. Our usual bill from Orange is £500 a month for about 15 phones – we just received a bill for over £15'000 – same situation as above for data useage outside the allowed amount. We're taking it to court to see what we can do, any help is appreciated.

  5. I was misold the Iphone4 Business package by the orange sale over the phone as he confirmed £40 includes free internet access and free Wi-Fi, only to recieve a my first ever bill for for £612 this month. when I called orange to get an explanation for this huge bill, they confirmed it is for excess data charges i.e.e internet use. I explained that I bought a package with free internet, they explained that my package is limited to 800MB a month. and that I used an extra 500MB for which I am charged… also they claimed they don't do unlimited package (while it is still advertised in their website under the business contract as "Unlimited Internet ". customer service gave me their complaint address which I intend to write (Correspondence Department, Po Box 10 Patch way Bristol BS32 4BQ)

    They offered to half the bill but I beleive I was missold the package by orange and I should not pay it as it should be included

    Anyone successfuly disputed unfair orange bill for data charges- what did you do? Thanks

  6. received a bill from orange this month of £751.
    I called them and they said it was mainly data charges.I normally pay £18.50 a month for my contract that includes of 500 mb internet.
    I am always within this limit the most mobile internet 180mb was (once only)
    And I use an Iphone 3gs.But I wanted to change my phone to iPhone 4.So I called orange customer services and asked for a micro sim because it is smaller.And iPhone 4 takes the smaller sim.
    Firstly They didn't want to sell it to me because they wanted to sell me the iPhone bundle which contains 750 Mb of internet for extra £10 a month as long as I have the iphone..I explained to them that I don't use so much internet and what I have is more than enough for me.
    And they put me through to Iphone team.they explained to me the same thing and told me i had to have iPhone bundle otherwise they wouldn't send me the micro sim.and also told me there are a lot of people buying sim free Iphone and use it as normal without letting Orange know so therefore Orange loses money and they are determent to catch those people.
    I refused to buy the sim and the iPhone bundle.And carried on using my 3gs.
    But the very next day I noticed my 500Mb internet went down to 36Mb from 475Mb one day.So i called orange and explained but they couldn't fined anything(so they said) and then I got scared and bought iPhone bundle.for the following month.
    But i don't know what they did inside but my internet was going down like crazy and I was using it as normal.but still manged to go over my 750Mb per month limit without using it.And ended up with £751 bill.I called orange many times and asked to speak to a supervisor twice and they told me they would get back to me but nobody got back to this day.So I wrote to them 3 weeks ago recorded next day delivery but not an answer in 3 weeks.
    Now I don't know what to do.They don't communicate with me, I feel like I only exist to pay their bills.
    They told me I used the internet so therefore I had to pay the bill in full.

    Please help…