30 Everything Everywhere branded stores to open this year


Operator says new store openings follow successful retail trial which saw footfall increase by 25 per cent to dual branded shops

Everything Everywhere (EE) has announced it will open 30 new stores across the UK this year.

They will join the 720 Orange and T-Mobile stores already in operation across the country.

The EE branded stores will offer both Orange and T-Mobile services and follows a series of ongoing retail trials by the operator which has seen three EE branded stores open already.

The trial also includes joint Orange and T-Mobile stores and Orange and T-Mobile stores.

EE chief executive Tom Alexander says the decision to open more dual branded stores comes on the back of a successful response from consumers to the current retail trial.

He says footfall has been up 25 per cent compared to other communications retail stores and that 60 per cent of customers who visited the existing EE branded stores said they were more likely to recommend Orange and T-Mobile products after their visit.

Alexander said: “The trial results have already shown us that we’ve tapped into an incredibly successful and highly engaging customer experience formula within the Everything Everywhere format, and that our two brands Orange and T-Mobile, as well as our customers, are benefiting.”

As well as launching the new stores, EE said it would continue trialling other retail formats moving forward, including concession and dual branded stores.