Half of users not aware of smartphone security


Survey from internet security firm BullGuard shows worrying lack of awareness about security software for smartphones

Over half of mobile users are unaware of security software for smartphones, a recent survey conducted by internet security company BullGuard has found.

Of the 2,000 users questioned, 21 per cent claimed that protection was unnecessary, with 42 per cent admitting it “hadn’t crossed their mind.

The survey found that 49 per cent of users have never been concerned about accessing the internet from a mobile and 32 per cent hadn’t thought about the potential risk

Bullguard said the key issue appears to be a general lack of awareness about the rising malware threat to smartphones and the potential for these devices to be just as, if not more susceptible to attack than a desktop or notebook computer.

Results showed that 88 per cent admitted that they “don’t completely trust the internet” and to back this up, 11 per cent believed it was safer to access the internet from a mobile, with 31 per cent claiming it was just as safe as a computer with 26 per cent not sure.

BullGuard mobile security expert Claus Villumsen said: “It’s not really surprising that consumers haven’t responded to this emerging threat. People want to buy products that “just work”, and not concern themselves with jumping through more hoops once a device is up and running. The key thing to remember is that smartphones are effectively miniature computers and so are just as vulnerable.

“Mobile users need to be educated about the increasing potential risk involved in using a smartphone to access the internet, send emails and perform financial transactions.”