Over 100,000 monthly HD Voice calls made on Three


Operator says service that takes calling to “the next level” has been well received by customers

Three says “hundreds of thousands” of High Definition (HD) voice calls are being made across its network every month following the launch of the service earlier this year.

Three’s HD voice service whch was rolled out in May uses 3G technology to to open up a phones range allowing it to capture and transmit noise across a wider band of frequencies.

This, Three says leads to voice calls that are clearer and the cancellation of background noise which makes it easier to hear the person on the other end of the line.

The services are currently only available on ‘Three to Three’ calls but the operator expects to launch cross operator calls in the future.

Speaking about the uptake of the service Three sales and marketing director Marc Allera said HD calling takes voice calling “to the next level”.

“This is the most significant development in voice technology to hit the UK mobile market in more than 20 years and Three’s customers are once again leading the way when it comes to using the latest improvements on a day to day basis,” Allera said.

“As well as crystal clear voice calls, HD voice helps reduce background noise and should make shouting down the phone a thing of the past.”


Handsets available from Three that can use the HD Voice service include the HTC Desire S, the Nokia C7, E7 and N8, the Samsung Omnia 7 and the Sony Ericsson Anzu.


A range of other handsets can be upgraded to be HD Voice compatible.