New iPhone expected in September


Reports say new iPhone with faster processor and better camera due out in September, to be followed by cheaper iPhone designed to grab market share

The next generation of Apple’s iPhone will launch in September with the same A5 processor used in the iPad 2 and an improved 8 megapixel camera, according to reports from Bloomberg.

The new handset will have a faster processor and significantly better camera than the iPhone 4 (pictured), released just under a year ago. However, many expect the change to be a minor upgrade similar to the move from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS, rather than a more significant step reminiscent of the move to the iPhone 4.

This has led many to suggest the new handset is likely to be called the iPhone 4G or iPHone 4S, rather than the iPhone 5.

The unnamed sources also told Bloomberg that Apple is working on a cheaper iPhone that will have similar specs to the iPhone 4. Other reports have suggested this will be released some time early next year.

According to the same sources, Apple is also trialling a higher resolution screen for the next iPad, which will offer a similar level of detail to the iPhone 4.

The new iPhone will run iOS5, the latest version of the firm’s mobile operating system which was unveiled earlier this month, which introduces a range of cloud features including a music storage service as well as a messaging service for iPhone users similar to the one availble for Research In Motion’s BlackBerry handsets.


  1. I hope they will release slight version of iPhone 4 with some minor features added. iPhone 4 is heavy device comparing to galaxy s.

  2. Should be good then, hopefully they dont have the same problem as before with the signal! I was lucky, as I got didnt pay anything for my iphone! And i won’t for the next! The iPhone is great, but the price isn’t!