ANOVO awarded Strong Digital TV contract


Repair and service company to manage manufacturer’s pre- and after-sales service as well as warranties for its Thompson branded set-top boxes

ANOVO has been appointed by Strong Digital TV to manage the forward and reverse logistics together with the warranty management for Thompson branded set-top boxes.

Complementing the forward and reverse logistics solutions, ANOVO will also manage the manufacturer’s warranty. This will include managing the claims, repair/return/exchange process management and direct consumer warranty. ANOVO will also be responsible for the warehousing and fulfillment of spare/replaced consumer accessories such as cables and remote controls.

Strong is a European provider of consumer digital  TV reception equipment offering a range of digital terrestrial, satellite and cable TV receivers in addition to high-end related accessories in 55 countries.

Strong UK sales director Michael Smart said: “ANOVO have a proven capability in both forward and reverse logistics, most critically for Strong is ANOVO’s ability to manage the logistics relationships throughout the supply chain from point of manufacturer to retail.”

ANOVO UK chief commercial officer Stephen Maxwell (pictured) said: “With significant experience across both forward and reverse logistics with the infrastructure and networks industry, ANOVO can deliver the ideal solution to Strong.”