MVNO Tru goes Dutch


Low cost international roaming MVNO Tru has added the Netherlands to its list of more than 220 countries where UK customers can make local rate calls from their phone whilst abroad

MVNO Tru now in Netherlands MVNO Tru has added the Netherlands to the lists of countries for its customer to make low cost calls whilst outside the UK, with 20 more expected to be announced shortly.

London based Tru, who label themselves as the words first global mobile network’ offers both business users and consumers the ability to be charged local rates for voice, text and data service whilst abroad by removing high roaming fees.

The service is available in over 220 countries. Tru also has customer bases in the US and Australia both of which will also be able to take advantage of its local rate offering in the Netherlands.

Tru hopes to provide SIM cards to customers in Spain, Hong Kong later this year and says it expects to announce a further 20 more countries next year.

Tru CEO Geraldine Wilson says the rates Tru customers will be charged for calls, data and texts when visiting the Netherlands are much cheaper than the ones offered by the larger operators.

Wilson claims data costs 10p per MB – a 95 per cent saving compared to O2 and Orange’s £2.55 p/MB), she says. Local calls are 15p per minute – 50 per cent cheaper, Wilson says than the 30p per minute offered by O2 over 50 per cent cheaper than rates of 30.5p per minute offered by Orange and Vodafone’s 33p per minute rate.

Wilson said: “This is only the start though, and we will continue helping businesses thrive and save by continuing to add more Tru countries.”