Alpha Telecom launches MVNO through Cognatel


New MVNO Alpha Mobile will look to capture between 30 and 40 per cent of Alpha’s fixed line base in its first year

Fixed-line provider Alpha Telecom has launched an MVNO through Vodafone mobile virtual network aggregator Cognatel.

The London-based provider offers ‘cheap’ international calling through its fixed services and has more than 600,000 customers since it was formed in 1996. It said it will look to service at least 30 to 40 per cent of those customers with its new MVNO within its first year.

Alpha Telecom CEO Zafar Mirza (pictured) said Alpha Mobile is targeted at both customers who make international calls, but also those who make calls in the UK.

The company has recently recruited 25 new sales agents from other parts of the mobile market, each with about nine years of industry experience, to drive sales. Staff will work from its new office in Barking, taking UK staff numbers to 35. Alpha also has 30 customer service advisors at a call centre in India.

Mirza also claims to be in discussions with four UK distributors about SIM distribution, which could see the AlphMobile product sold in over 90,000 retail locations across the country by the end of 2011. He refused to say which, however.

Deals at launch will include unlimited calls to selected mobile and fixed-line international and UK numbers for £30 a month. Mirza claimed this to be a UK first. Deals will be advertised at various tourist attractions and events as well as ethnic television stations.

Mirza said: “We wanted to come up with a proposition that was unique compared to what’s in the market space at the moment.

“That is where we have derived the unlimited call package to UK and international landlines and mobiles, which no one has done to date.

“Alpha Mobile is the ideal service for anyone wanting to save money in the UK and international calls when using their device.”

Cognatel CEO Mark Ashdown added: “Our aim is to support new MVNOs and ensure that like Alpha they are well prepared for launch and have the right systems in place to ensure long-term success.”


  1. Old Wine in a new bottle….Unlimited but till 1500 mins….. thats 1/2p a min…..Lots of providers provide 1/2p min atleast to India, no contract, nothing…

  2. Agree with the other comment. I believe that it should not be advertised as an unlimited tariff if the fair use is 1500 mins. I can see misleading sales tactics and ofcom complaints coming through on this service.

  3. Unfortunately for customers of Alpha, the "unlimited" call package ends at only 1500 minutes & majority of calls made during out of office hours! How will Alpha police that. Lots of caveats in their packages. Do we really have somehting different from Alpha? Not sure.