Everything Everywhere partners under scrutiny


New ‘Marketing Intelligence’ system will allow operator to intensely monitor distributors and dealers

Everything Everywhere (EE), the parent company of T-Mobile and Orange, has installed a new technology that allows it to intensely monitor its distributors and dealers.

The move is part of a new focus to work with the “best” performing partners in the independent channel.

All EE dealers and distributors connecting T-Mobile and Orange are now being closely monitored by its new ‘Marketing Intelligence’ (MI)system, which began operating last month.

The system allows EE to gain a closer understanding of its partners’ performances, providing detailed data on customer base size, spend and value of base, new and upgrading customer acquisition metrics and churn. Churn data will include extensive details such as customer number portability and whether it was voluntary or compulsory.

Everything Everywhere said the MI system will help it understand its partner performances and challenges as well as feeding back information to help them grow their base and target the right customers.

T-Mobile used a similar system in 2008, when it cut more than 500 of its dealers deemed to be connecting insufficient levels of business, as part of a ‘less is more’ strategy.

A number of dealers and airtime distributors say the company is now reviewing its channel strategy and looking to streamline its supply channels – with those failing to meet its criteria being terminated.

Everything Everywhere currently has airtime distribution agreements with Mainline, Midland, Avenir, Daisy, HSC, GK Telekom, EBS, Shebang, Elite and Data Select.

Selected partners

Everything Everywhere head of business sales Darren Goldsmith declined to confirm whether this strategy would result in a reduction in the number of dealers and distributors it currently works with.

But he told Mobile News the company is now focussed on working with only the best-performing partners in the market.

Goldsmith said: “We’re constantly looking to improve and evolve the way we work with our dealer and distribution partners.

“We remain totally committed to working with the indirect channel, but our focus is now on working with the best partners out there.

“With our determined focus on quality, as well as our new detailed channel performance tracking and reporting system, our vision is to become the number one partner of choice for the best dealers and distributors out there.”