T-Mobile launches prepay and pay monthly combo


Operator says rising demand for smartphones and data consumption lead it to develop ‘You Fix’ offering

T-Mobile has launched a new tariff plan – ‘You Fix’ that it says allows customers to combine the benefits of pay monthly with the flexibility and spend control of prepay.

Consumers signing up to You Fix are given a set allowance of minutes, texts and a Flexible Booster for a fixed monthly amount on a 12 month contract.

Flexible boosters can be changed each month.

Set minutes and texts allowances include 75 minutes and 75 texts for £15.50, 100 minutes and 100 texts for £20.50 and 300 minutes and texts for £26 a month.

Customers are also able to choose from a range of Android and BlackBerry smartphones, for a small up front amount or for free.

T-Mobile says You Fix has been designed to cater for a rising demand for smartphones -according to research carried out by the operator 45 per cent of young people who don’t currently have a smartphone wish to purchase one.

The increase in demand has lead to more young people taking out pay monthly contracts, but in many cases their parents are not able to control how much they spend on calls and data.

T-Mobile vice president of propositions Tim Dowling says You Fix addresses such concerns.

“Now we can offer those customers who want complete spend control the best of both worlds in one plan,” Dowling says.

“With You Fix, you can get great deals on phones, and whatever happens, there will be no surprise bills at the end of the month.”