T-Mobile channel gets ‘truly unlimited’ mobile web


Limited-time offer of unlimited mobile web made available through channel, giving customers on a contracts worth more £25 per month or more mobile internet free of fair use policies

T-Mobile distributors such as Avenir, HSC, Mainline, Midland and Daisy Distribution are now able to offer ‘truly unlimited’ mobile internet until September 30.

The deal has been available direct through T-Mobile since July 1.

The tariffs offer unlimited browsing, email, streaming and downloading, and are not subject to a fair use policy.

The deal is also available to business customers who sign up for 18-month plans costing £30 or more a month.

The Everything Everywhere-owned brand is also offering unlimited mobile internet as a monthly booster for £5.10.

T-Mobile was already offering “unlimited”  internet on a range of tariffs, but the tariff’s fair use policy restricted usage to 1GB during the day and 1GB during the evening, after which downloading and streaming are restricted between 4PM and 12AM.