All Vodafone business customers get European data bundle


Data Traveller bundle automatically applied to business customers to help small business users save money overseas

From September 19 all Vodafone business customers will be automatically opted-in to the operators Vodafone Data Traveller bundle, which provides cheaper data roaming in Europe.

Data Traveller gives users 25MB of mobile internet for £1.66 + VAT in 38 European countries, compared to the standard charge of 83p per MB without the bundle.

Currently Vodafone business customers have to opt in to Data Traveller, but from September 19 they will automatically be charged under the bundle rate when they make use mobile data abroad.

The change also means that business users abroad will receive daily updates on their mobile data usage, warnings when they have used 80 per cent and 10 per cent of their allowance, and an alert when they have used more than 25MBs of data in a day, all via text message.