HTC to launch two new Windows Phone handsets in October


HTC unveils high-end and mid-range devices using Mango, the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, both of which will go on sale at the start of October

HTC unveiled two new Windows Phone 7 smartphones last night (September 1), which will go on sale at the start of October.

The HTC Titan (pictured left) is a high-end device with a 4.7 inch super LCD touch screen, larger than on any other Windows Phone device. It also has an 8-megapixel camera and a 1.5GHz processor. The device is aimed at a similar market to the HTC Sensation and is expected to cost roughly the same as the device did when it came out .

The HTC Radar (pictured right)  is a mid-range device with an aluminium unibody, a 3.8-inch touchscreen 5 mega-pixel camera and a 1GHz processor.

Both devices come with dedicated camera buttons and a wide angle 28mm lens which lets in more light to aid low-light photography. The also use a panoramic picture taking setting that lines up multiple photographs for a use.

Both use the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, code-named Windows Phone Mango.

The Windows Phone HTC handsets do not boast the same level of HTC customisation as the firm’s Android handsets, which come with HTC’s Sense user interface.

However, the two new phones using Microsoft’s latest system to incorporate customised “tiles” to access HTC services, and HTC specific features, such as the “flip to silence” feature have been incorporated in the latest version of the OS.