Orange launches “fresh assault” on broadband market


Operator says customers can save up to £170 a year compared to similar offerings from BT

Orange has launched what it calls a “fresh assault” on the home broadband market by launching a new set of tariffs across its direct retail channels.

The operator says its customers taking out the new tariffs will be able to save up £170 a year compared to similar packages offered by BT, while consumers in rural areas will see a reduction of up to 15 per cent on current price plans.

The first package on offer – ‘Broadband and Off Peak Calls’ – starts from £5 a month and gives Orange mobile customers will receive up to 20MB download speeds, unlimited evening and weekend calls to landlines and unlimited broadband usage on a 12 month plan.

Its ‘Broadband and Anytime calls’ package starts at £10 a month and also gives customers 20MB download speeds and unlimited broadband usage as well as inclusive anytime landline calls.

Orange’s final new tariff, called ‘Simply Broadband’ gives customers who already have a landline with another provider 20MB download speeds and unlimited wireless broadband usage from £12.75 per month.

In a further attempt to gain a larger slice of the market, Orange will also offer its Home Broadband and Off Peak Call tariff at half price for “life” as long as a customer remains and Orange mobile customer.

Speaking about the new tariffs Everything Everywhere director of marketing and home propositions Sylvain Thevenot (pictured) said the new tariffs went against what other broadband providers were doing.

“Although financially times are tough, we believe that everyone should have access to the best value deals in the market, irrespective of where they live,” Thevenot said.

“That’s why despite other providers raising the price of their overall packages, we’re actually offering the best priced plans we can to our customers right across the nation.”