Virgin in £100m data backhaul deal with Three and EE


Virgin to provide first synchronous ethernet backhaul service in 8-year deal with Three and Everything Everywhere joint venture

Virgin Media Business has won a £100 million 8-year contract to provide data backhaul for Mobile Broadband Network Limited (MBNL), the joint venture set up by T-Mobile and Three to manage their combined 3G networks.

The contract is designed to give the 35.2 million customers who use the MBNL network, which now includes Orange brand mobile users since the merging of T-Mobile and Orange to form Everything Everywhere, access to faster data speeds.

Virgin intends to use its Sync-E solution synchronous ethernet service for the contract, the first time a synchronous ethernet backhaul system has been deployed in the UK.

The first stage will see the deployment of  1 Gigabit per second connections to the MBNL network,  helping Everything and Everywhere and Three cope with rising demand for mobile data service.

Virgin will also build 14 regional aggregation networks to improve MBNL’s bandwidth capacity.

Virgin Media CEO Neil Berkett (pictured) said: “Being connected all the time to social networks, the internet and their favourite apps is very much a basic expectation which operators need to deliver on.

“Investing now means they’ll be able to deal with the escalating data demands of today and tomorrow.”