Apple and HTC customers charged more for data


New uSwitch survey shows Apple and HTC users are more likely to exceed their data caps

Results of a survey from price comparison website uSwitch reveals consumers using HTC and Apple handsets are being charged more for data use.

According to uSwitch which surveyed 6619 smartphone users, 60 per cent of Apple and HTC users overspend on their monthly data tariffs to a quarter of smartphone users who use another brand of mobile phone.

The survey also said 22 per cent of smartphone users paid out at least £120 a year to their operator for exceeding their data bundle.

Three says the findings justify their decision to sell The One Plan which offers customers truly unlimited internet along with 2,000 anytime minutes, 5,000 Three to Three minutes and 5,000 texts.

Speaking to Mobile News Three marketing director Thomas Malleschitz said the One Plan, is the ideal way for consumers to avoid bill shock.

“As more and more people choose these latest generation smartphones, the amount of data they get with their plans will becoming increasingly important,” Malleschitz said.

“You might start out only using a small amount of data, but as your confidence grows and you discover more and more things you can do, so the amount of data you use will continue to grow.

“Three designed The One Plan to give smartphone users the confidence to use data without worrying about bill shock.”