Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales banned again in Germany


German court upholds ban on one of the Korean manufacturer’s tablet devices, deciding it did infringe Apple patents 

Sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been banned from sale in Germany after a court in the country said it did infringe Apple patents.

Dusseldorf regional court judge Johanna Brueckner-Hoffman said that the “minimalist, modern form” of the two products “gave a clear impression of similarity”.

Sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 were blocked in the European Union (except the Netherlands) on August 10 after Apple won a preliminary injunction against the Korean electronics manufacturer in a patent dispute.

The ban was temporarily lifted a week later after questions were raised over the legitimacy of the original ruling by a German court. It said at the time it would investigate whether or not it has the authority to instigate this ruling across the EU.