Vodafone scraps One Net targets


Vodafone scraps One Net targets for gold and platinum partners following complaints from dealers

Vodafone is scrapping One-Net connection targets for platinum and gold partners.

The move follows complaints from dealers who were upset by the introduction of One Net targets in July, when Vodafone also increased connection targets by 29 per cent.

Some dealers told Mobile News that One Net was not working properly, with reports of dropped calls and numbers being unavailable.

Others praised One Net as a product, but said that the there wasn’t yet enough demand for it.

One dealer said that he risked losing his gold partner status despite exceeding mobile connection targets.

A Platinum partner said last week that Vodafone had “misread the mood of the industry”.

Vodafone head of partner services Tony Bailey (pictured) said: “As part of the Vodafone Partner Programme we continually monitor KPIs and targets to ensure the programme is a continued success.

“We are continuing to improve partner One Net capability with a number of exciting activities happening over the coming months including; a refreshed training programme, increased marketing support and further investment in the overall customer and partner experience for One Net.

“As ever, our aim for the Vodafone Partner Programme is to support the best partner and customer experience bar none.”

In response to the news that Vodafone was dropping the One Net targets one gold dealer said: “Job done. I knew there were other dealers that had problems.

“I am relieved, I just hope they are withdrawing it permanently and not just temporarily.”