Record sales for


August total beats previous best month by half-a-million pounds as online retailer aims to hit turnover of £45 million in the current financial year

Derbyshire-based online retailer said it posted record sales of £4.5 million in August, beating its previous best month by £500,000.

It comes on the back of what the company says was its best-ever quarter during the summer season, which saw turnover from sales double from £6.75 million in 2010 to £12.5 million.

The company also claims it’s on track to increase annual turnover, from £37 million in its 2010/2011 results ending March 31 2011, to £45 million. managing director Paul Sisson said the growth could be attributed to strong marketing and product supply.

“New marketing initiatives, a strong range of handsets, and a good supply of them have contributed to this growth,” Sisson said.

He also said investment in expanding its IT department had enabled the company to bring more products to market, as well as improving the performance of the consumer website.