Emporia-made handset banned in EU


Doro wins second court case this year banning competing handset from sale in Europe

Senior market focussed handset manufacturer Doro has won a court injunction to ban sales of a handset made by competitor Emporia Deutschland.

During a hearing held in Germany last week, it was ruled that Emporia’s ‘Telme handset’ infringed on the “registered design” of “similar” Doro devices (pictured). Telme-brand handsets are not available in the UK, and is predominately sold in Germany and Austria.

Emporia Deutschland is now prohibited from importing and exporting the device in to or from the EU.

Vodafone UK recently signed an exclusive agreement with Emporia for its RL1.

Doro CEO and president Jérôme Arnaud said: “We work intensively and continuously with innovation, design and branding. That is why we also promptly and consistently challenge any infringements upon our intellectual property rights.”

Emporia Deutschland was unavailable for comment.

It is the second court rulling in Doro’s favour this year. In January, it won an injunction against another German company, ITM Einkauf preventing it from selling a handset which was deemed to infringe designs for the Doro Phone Easy 410gsm handset.