Ethnic MVNO Desi Mobi shuts down


“Tough market conditions” lead to exit, with founder Sacha Visram targeting a quick return to the industry 

Ethnic MVNO Desi Mobi has shut down less than a year after launch after finding it increasingly difficult to compete.

Desi Mobi, which had amassed around 4,000 customers and employed 20 staff, was a pay monthly SIM-only proposition that launched in November 2010.

It ran off the Vodafone network and distributed its SIM cards through Shebang and GK Telecom, aiming the product at second and third generation British Asians in the 25-35 year old age bracket.

Two and 12-month SIM-only contracts were sold with flat rate call and text pricing on each contract term. There were four price points – £10, £20, £30 and £40 a month.

Founder Sacha Visram (pictured) said: “We were a small operation and there are some bigger players in the market. The ability to continue just wasn’t possible. I wanted to make sure all our distribution partners and staff were paid and all customers were given notice so they could move on. We successfully achieved that.

“I’m very proud of my team, what we achieved and that we were the first pay monthly MVNO and one to focus on a certain demographic. There are still opportunities in the industry and I could possibly return to the ethnic space.”