Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc hit by hardware faults


Manufacturer admits cracks are appearing on body of the handset, but insists problem is unlikely to affect performance

Sony Ericsson has been hit by complaints from customers who claim cracks are appearing on the Xperia Arc handset.

Several Sony Ericsson customers have contacted Mobile News regarding the cracks, which appear above and below the front-facing light sensor above the Sony Ericsson branding.

Messages have also been posted on the Sony Ericsson message boards complaining about the faults, which according to some is not covered under the manufacturer warranty.

One poster who purchased the £400 device from Carphone Warehouse, wrote last week he had be told by the store it will cost £79.99 to fix, as Sony Ericsson had not informed them of the issue.

A reply by Sony Ericsson claimed this is not the case and that all its repair agents had been informed. However, customers Mobile News spoke with at press claimed Sony Ericsson is still denying this is a manufacturer fault.

Affected customers insist they have never knowingly damaged their phone, with some even claiming the crack happened while in a protective case. Some say the crack is reappearing weeks after being repaired.

One posted on the forum: “I will probably never buy another Sony Ericsson phone. It’s a shame because I actually love the functionality and design.”

Another posted on the “This could be a catastrophic failure for Sony Ericsson.”

A Sony Ericsson spokesperson said: “We have been made aware by some users that a small number of our Xperia Arc smartphones have a small crack in the paint, near the proximity sensor at the top. Such a micro-fracture is unlikely to affect handset performance. However, consumers can call 08705 237 237, if they are concerned.”


  1. What’s new? They had the same problem on the Xperia X1 – I’d know – my unit was cracking from multiple areas and I never dropped it and used protective leather case. They have a great package in hopeless material – time to change suppliers and manufacturing approach.