Everything Everywhere announces new M2M partnerships


Everything Everywhere continues M2M expansion by announcing partnership with automotive solutions providers Redtail Telematics and Plextek

Everything Everywhere (EE) today revealed it has partnered with specialist M2M partner, US based Redtail Telematics and its sister organisation Essex based The Plextek Group.

The deal will see EE SIMs placed in Redtail’s vehicle asset management GPS systems which are available in Europe and the US.

Redtail and Plextek M2M offerings include vehicle tracking, fleet management and smart vehicle insurance and EE vice president of wholesale and M2M Marc Overton (pictured) believes the opportunity to work with the companies is huge.

“Plextek are a force to be reckoned with,” EE vice president of wholesale and M2M Marc Overton told Mobile News.

“They are a great channel for us and give us a much broader reach. They will be moving into the smart meter market eventually and our network will now be part of their solutions.

“We are thrilled to be working with Redtail and are actively seeking other expert partners around the world to help us achieve EE’s ambition to provide customers with instant access to data wherever they are.”

As well as the agreement with Plextek and Redtail, Overton has also announced the launch of EE’s new M2M management platform in conjunction with one of its MVNA partners Transatel.

Overton said the platform is a “major step” towards its goal of becoming the global partner of choice in the sector.

The new platform has been designed to allow M2M customers to securely manage their accounts and connections regardless of location.

It provides a “self-service” portal for customers to quickly and securely access and manage M2M account information.

The portal includes connection profiles which identify relevant services for the user, tariff information and bundle sharing, call detail records and SIM ordering.

Overton said: “Companies of all sizes are asking for solutions that are easy to deploy, with a self service platform that puts the control back into their hands.

“We are expanding into new markets and innovative areas of service that will help companies to transform their business through mobility.”

The launch of the platform will be followed by the release of an application programming interface (API) which will allow customers to integrate M2M operations into existing simple cloud management systems (CRM) and other business applications.