Alastair Mills unveils Six Degrees Group as new UC firm


Entrepreneur and former SpiriTel boss targeting mid-market, which he claims is currently underserved by providers

Former SpiriTel CEO Alastair Mills last week unveiled ‘Six Degrees’ as the name of his new unified communications business, and will target the “underserved” mid market.

Mills, who sold managed-services provider SpiriTel to Daisy Group for £27 million last November, has acquired four unified communications companies – UKSolutions, NetworkFlow, Protel and Key Asset Management – with £60 million of venture capital funding.

Mills said other service providers such as XLN and Unicom dominate the low-end market, and the likes of BT and Cable & Wireless occupy the high end.

He claimed Six Degrees has the ability and reputation to “stand out” in the middle market sector, targeting customers with an ARPU of £2,000 and above. Six Degrees currently has a base of 1,200 customers with an ARPU of £3,000.

“You have a very competitive environment in the sub-£1,000 a month bracket and there are the traditional carriers like BT and Cable & Wireless that look after the enterprise customers, so the mid-market is generally under-served,” Mills said.

“We’re one of the only companies that sit between the traditional reseller market and the carriers, looking after the customers that are spending over £2,000 a month.”

Mills added Six Degrees will acquire at least one mobile phone dealer before Christmas, but declined to name which one. Mills described the mobility space as the “only gap” in its product and services portfolio.

He said: “Having a mobile capability is essential for us in terms of our one-stop-shop offering.”