Micro-P launches ‘360’ consumer MVNO SIM


Mobile and IT distributor targets 50,000 connections by the end of the year with new MVNO

Micro-P has entered the MVNO market with a “unique” deal, which allows customers to pay for their texts, minutes and data for the duration of their contract term.

The MVNO – ‘360 Mobile’ – runs off the Three network and will be targeted at both the consumer and B2B markets.

Customers will be able to choose between three tariffs, offering monthly bundles of either 100, 300 or 600 minutes, on either a three,- six- or 12-month contract.

All tariffs include 3,000 texts. The 100- and 300-minute plans include 500MB of data, with the 600-minute plan offering 1GB.

Customers pay for the contract up-front and it will be sold as either SIM-only, or bundled in with a handset.

Details on price are yet to be fully confirmed and will vary between retailers. Micro-P said SIM-only prices would vary from £29.99 to £169.99.

Micro-P has already partnered with online retailer Amazon for its SIM-only offering, which is charging £34.99 for the three-month 300-minute tariff, and £29.99 for the three-month 100-minute tariff.

Other “major” high street and online retailers are expected to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Micro-P said it is aiming for more than 50,000 connections by the end of this year.

Micro-P said Amazon will begin selling 360 Mobile with mobile handsets by November, which will also be supplied by the distributor.

Micro-P Mobile UK sales and commercial director Simon Woodman said the firm will partner closely with Nokia on 360 Mobile deals over Q4, and hopes to do the same with its other manufacturer partner Samsung.

Woodman said: “The current scenario is you walk into a mobile phone shop and buy a contract and get a free phone; what we are doing is, you go online or into a retailer, buy a phone and get a free contract.

“We think there’s demand because we’ve seen SIM-only sales increase fairly dramatically. Yes, there’s still definitely a market where people don’t want to pay for a handset and they’ll get it free on a reasonably expensive tariff, but we see a certain part of the population are looking for value.

“They are prepared to buy their own handset, they are prepared to hunt around for the best cost-price for a SIM-only solution and they want to pay up-front.”

360 Mobile is also available as a white-label SIM, which Micro-P hopes to sell through around 40 resellers to 200 customer firms, which will offer the service to their employees.