Micro-P rejects 20:20 Mobile claims


Boss Gerry O’Keeffe responds to distributor’s comments regarding Nokia’s distribution contract decision

Micro-P MD Gerry O’Keeffe said it can provide a “superior” mobile distribution service and has a “wider” customer reach than rivals Data Select and 20:20 Mobile put together.

O’Keeffe was responding to comments made by 20:20 Mobile MD James Browning in the last issue (498), following Nokia’s decision to drop 20:20 Mobile and Data Select in favour of Micro-P and Ingram Micro.

O’Keeffe was irked by Browning’s statement that he could write a long list of things 20:20 Mobile could do that Micro-P couldn’t and the difficulties it would face regarding signing up dealers.

But O’Keeffe said Micro-P is already actively selling handsets to between 700 and 800 mobile focussed dealers, with “the bulk” of those on the books of 20:20 Mobile and Data Select.

He said Micro-P, as a business, trades with about 9,000 customers a year and about 5,000 monthly. It has 200 sales staff and makes 5,000 outbound telesales daily, he added.

“We know we can do everything Data Select and 20:20 Mobile can, and offer a superior service,” said O’Keeffe. “It doesn’t matter what people say in the short-term, I’m only thinking about what’s ahead. It may take time for all to see that, but we will prove it.

“We are more than equipped and ready to deal with the biggest accounts out there.

“What impressed Nokia was how we are trying to innovate and do things differently to what had been offered previously by the incumbents.

“I know all the spin about it being IT. But that’s not the case. It’s about Nokia wanting to get closer to the mobile channel than they have in the past.”

O’Keeffe also confirmed the Nokia distribution agreement had already begun, despite 20:20 Mobile and Data Select’s deals ending January 1. He claimed all Nokia Q4 stock is arriving at its warehouse.

“All stock for Q4 is coming our way. So, from a transition perspective, the focus is immediate.

“There’s a few accounts still with Data Select and 20:20 Mobile. But Nokia aren’t talking about January 1 – it’s happening now.”