Orange and T-Mobile networks to share 3G


Everything Everywhere extends roaming across Orange and T-Mobile to 3G as merging of networks continues

Everything Everywhere (EE) is extending roaming between the Orange and T-Mobile networks to 3G starting from next week beginning October 17.

Customers of T-Mobile and Orange were already able to use each other’s networks to make calls and receive text, but until now have not been able to use both network’s 3G services, or transfer from one network to another mid-call.

EE said that 1.7 million days worth of calls had been made, and five billion text messages sent, by customers of one brand using the other’s network,

Now, under “the big 3G switch over” customers of both brands will be able to use 3G signals.

The 3G sharing will be rolled out over the UK region by region over the next few months.

EE CEO Olaf Swantee (pictured) said: “This is a significant achievement and demonstrates the latest milestone in our network vision and customer promise – to provide more things, to more people in more places than any other company in Britain.

“Customers are always on the move and demanding instant access to information wherever they are. Not only will customers be able to talk in places they weren’t able to before, they’ll also now be able to access the internet, social networks or download emails at improved speeds, in more places.”