Vodafone drops iPhone 4S upfront prices on contracts


Move to cut up to £120 on upfront cost from latest Apple handset ahead of launch on October 14 replaces £59 cash back deal

Vodafone has cut the upfront price of the iPhone 4S across its contracts by up to £120 in what the operator described as a bid to remain competitive.

The price reduction replaces an offer of £59 cash back to be added to bills for November that Vodafone was offering iPhone customers.

The operator said that it would offer the newer deals to those who had already pre-ordered Apple’s latest phone.

On a 24-month contract, the 16 GB iPhone 4S will now cost £26 per-month contract customers £239 upfront, down from the £359 originally announced.

The  64GB iPhone 4S has had its upfront cost on a £26 per month contract reduced by £70 to £449.

However, for those on more expensive contracts, the price cut is less significant.

Customers prepared to pay £41 per month will now have to pay £49 for the 16GB version of the Apple device, while those paying £36 per month will have to pay £99, a reduction of £50 from the original price.

The prices have also been lowered for 18-month contracts, though these start at £31 per month, and customers who want the 16GB version of the iPhone 4S will still have to pay £46 per month.

Vodafone denied the move was due to the handset not selling well, saying it had seen “really good sales”.