Orange refreshes SIM-only plans to include Panther


New one month and 12 month SIM-only Panther plans introduced within updates for the first time

Orange has updated to its one month and 12 month SIM-only Animal price plans, which see the introduction of SIM-only Panther plans for the first time.

The Panther plans start at £15.50 for one month and £10.50 for a 12 month plan. Both come with 100 minutes and unlimited texts with inclusive email and Wi-Fi, as well as 1GB of mobile data that can be used for either mobile internet browsing or tethering.

Until January 5, 2012, customers can sign up to a 12 month SIM-only Dolphin plan costing £7 a month with 150 minutes, 500 texts and 250MB of data.

Orange has also announced a new half price SIM-only deal aimed at small and medium sized business customers. The 30 day plan now costs £7.50 and is available to new customers until the end of the year.

It comes with 200 minutes, unlimited landline calls or Orange-to-Orange calls, 150 texts, email and unlimited Wi-Fi. Customers also receive an ‘extra’ which includes international calling, calling from abroad, mobile browsing and unlimited texts.

Customers will also receive other business extras, including free answer phone, UK-based customer service, no minimum call charges and 2-for-1 cinema tickets and pizza with Orange Wednesdays.