HSC launches partner programme with Orange


Orange and HSC partner to offer incentives to dealers that maintain 50 Orange connections a quarter and keep churn levels under 15 per cent

Airtime distributor HSC has launched a new partner programme offering improved services levels and commercials, to help drive Orange sales.

The new ‘Orange Select’ programme is available to selected partners that maintain 50 new Orange connections a quarter and churn levels of under 15 per cent.

The programme was officially unveiled to dealers at an HSC event held at the Orange network control centre in Bristol late last month.

So far 15 dealers have been selected to join, but HSC will review its numbers at the end of Q1 next year.

Partners include Ask Mobile Phones, DWD Telecoms, Phonebox Telecom and Rose Communications.

HSC sales manager Carlos Pestana said Orange Select offers “strong” financial benefits.

Benefits include selling the iPhone, training on new products and services, tailored technical support, advanced notice on products, exclusive incentives, BlackBerry loan stock, and greater visibility of their base.

Select partners will be invited to attend a quarterly dealer clinic to discuss deals and additional support or funding they require for new business.

HSC and Orange will also provide up to 50 per cent of the cost of any approved marketing initiatives, as part of its ‘pot of gold’ offering.

Everything Everywhere head of business sales Darren Goldsmith said: “We see this close working relationship with our partners as a fundamental part of our ambition to grow quality business connections in the indirect channel.”