McPherson adamant Data Select isn’t for sale


Phones International CEO George McPherson says Data Select is not for sale and promises expansion in “three to six months”

Phones International CEO George McPherson has spoken for the first time regarding rumours surrounding the future of Data Select, by insisting the distributor is not for sale.

Speaking at Data Select’s four-year anniversary of its Platinum Club earlier this month, McPherson (pictured) said the company was looking to make acquisitions over the next three to six months – although declined to disclose what type of business or who.

“There is no ‘for sale’ sign on the door; Data Select’s future is firmly in the camp of the Peter Jones group of companies. There is no management buyout on the cards,” McPherson said.

“If anything we are investing in the business and are talking to several businesses regarding acquisition. We want to be ahead of the wave and create a new proposition and new

“Particularly over the next three to six months, we will look at how we can engineer change in the business to keep ahead.”